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Let me share a bit about him, a growing appreciation for a pile of catalogs and the art of Research

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Entering our home, you get a good sense of who we are. Unassuming on the exterior of the home with soft warm tones and a classic feel, blended with beautiful slightly ‘cool color toned’ landscaping, your curiosity peaks about who we really are on the inside. Upon entering through the front door, you’re greeted with a pleasant rush of light and airy ‘cool toned’ style with a touch of warm notes that features a balanced transitional design. You immediately feel right at home as you’re greeted by a big, open smile from both of us and plenty of big, strong, and warm hugs from our children. Another thing you’ll notice almost right away is our home office, believe me, it’ll make you curious. Why curious, while the furnishings in the space give you a nice design aesthetic, you do also notice some piles of magazines, catalogs, and construction material samples. Yes!, he places those without a bat of an eye right in the midst of what I like to think is our home I thoughtfully decorated, ha! And yes, he has several in our living room underneath the coffee table. I can’t help but chuckle while also nodding my head in defeat. Let me share a little bit about my husband.

First, I’ll start with his love for researching any and all products a person could ever need or want. He is in a constant state of curiosity. You will always find him either with his face in his phone or catalog researching this type of HVAC ventilation system, or a type of roofing product intended to better insulate the home while standing strong to nature’s forces, or an innovative home automation system, or a type of truss made with outstanding wood processing, and the list goes on. One consistency is, it’s all in an effort to curate a thoughtfully better home because of (thankfully) other suppliers who have a similar pursuit in the components it takes to build a home. This is also something people who know him know about him, he’s so knowledgeable about most all things electronic and the home. He’s their ’go to’ when they need to decide between a new home automation product, something structural in the build of the home, the best types of receivers for their audiovisual system, even as simple as setting up a new bluetooth speaker, etc. When we first met, let’s just say I didn’t have the same appreciation for this rare skill and talent as I do now. He is just so brilliant in his craft and I admire that in him. Today, his relentless pursuit of learning is how we stand apart within the construction industry. It’s crafted our approach to home building, the way we feel your home should make you feel, how you live in it (it’s livability), and all while allowing us to curate an impeccable quality when designing & building each home.

As for me, I’ve stayed clear into the healthcare space while unknowingly expressing my creativity in two ways. One obvious way was in operations, business development, and customer/client experiences at my work. I’m very good at those, talented even some say. On the other hand I without any realization found myself expressing an artistic creativity through home decorating and designing. in our different homes we’ve lived in over the years, my mom’s, other family members’, and tips to friends. Over the years people I’d decorated for as simply a hobby, kept suggesting I more seriously take it up as a paid side gig. The past five years, I even began to get requests from new friends and other guests who came to visit us at our home, asking if I’d consider letting them pay me to come and design & decorate spaces in their home. After a while of saying I just do it for fun, I joked with him that maybe I should really think about that idea more. I left that thought there and continued as I always had. Then when we decided to open our design & build company, we knew exactly where my natural fit would be. Designing the layouts of our floor plans as well as coming up with the design style of each home - transitional vs modern vs contemporary vs traditional, etc. So you see, I sort of bumped into this design thing as it seems in the same way some people find one of their passions they happen to be very good at.

We’re very excited to be on this journey and can’t wait to meet you soon so we can design & build your new home!

~Owners, LionHead

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